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Key Accomplishments


Economic Impact Study

The economic impact study provides documentation relating to the number of jobs that will be created due to the project being built. It shows the financial impact on the surrounding areas both during and after construction of the project. (Roughly 36 to 42 months)

Traffic Study

The traffic study provides information regarding the impact that the project will have on the surrounding neighborhood. It outlines the number of pedestrian foot traffic that currently access the area as well as the increase due to the project. It makes recommendations regarding traffic signals, pre and post arena events and the ways to address the added traffic. In addition, it addresses the future growth and the needs for any additional infrastructure and how the vehicles will travel in and out of the parking structures as well as Uber/Lyft locations as well as limousines and other alternative modes of transportation.  Traffic study will be resubmitted to the County for final approval.

FAA and Crane Approvals

The approval of the Federal Aviation Association is required. They make sure that the heights of the buildings and the cranes do not cause an impediment to the airports and flight paths as well as the radars for the Nellis Air Force Base.

Geotech Report

The Geotech report has been completed.


The entitlements allow for the Developer to construct the project and outline any conditions that the County requires for the development. In addition, any agreements outside of the normal entitlements that the Developer may request like parking variances, work hours and other project related items.

Development Agreement

The development agreement is an agreement between the Developer and the County regarding the additional infrastructure needed to be provided in the surrounding areas due to the additional impact of traffic both pedestrian and vehicular. It requires either contributions or construction of pedestrian bridges, traffic signals, emergency response vehicles, monies to hire additional police or fire staff, and any other items that are negotiated between the County and the Developer. This is required to be approved and executed before construction can begin.

Performance Agreement

The performance agreement is required by the County and the Developer that describes the project and if project is abandoned by the Developer, it details what will take place on site to put it back into a safe and aesthetically pleasing condition and a how the site will maintain a security presence as well as a fire life safety system. A bond is purchased and recorded that is made out to Clark County Nevada in the amount of 12.1 million dollars. This has been done and was paid for by the Developer as part of the requirement. When the project is completed then the bond is released.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study outlines the construction cost as well as the revenue after the project is built and determines the viability of the project. It shows you what the debt service should be, and the revenue required to meet that debt service. These numbers are derived by industry experts and looking at the performance of similar projects in the Las Vegas area.

SWPP and Discharge Permits

The SWPP and discharge permits are provided by the State of Nevada and allow for the property to discharge the groundwater that it extracts during the dewatering process in construction. The water is discharged into the storm water drain that goes to Lake Mead and they need to make sure that there are no contaminates in the water.

Project Labor Agreement

The project labor agreement was executed between all the Building Trades and the Culinary Union. It shows their support of the project and allows for no work stoppages, picketing, slowdowns, or walkouts. It allows for the Developer to keep the project under construction if there are any disputes, while they are being rectified. The Unions are also aware that there will be some non-union companies working due to the requirements of the local minority participation on the project as well as small businesses.

Local and Federal Government Support

The project is supported by the local County Commission as well as the Federal Government with the United States Department of Commerce and Minority Business Development Agency.

Fire Department

ALL NET has had multiple meetings with the local Fire Department for their review of the project. They maintain close communication regarding the overall layout and design to ensure the most expeditious manner to respond in case of an emergency. The two parties are working with Cuningham Group, architect of record, to address any and all concerns.